Abrar Platform on Islam in Europe

With Islam being the second largest religion in the UK and Europe, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new Policy Research Unit, Abrar Platform on Islam in Europe (APIE). APIE will address the challenges facing Muslim communities in the UK and Europe. With a focus on community-based research and analysis, our unit aims to provide a realistic and comprehensive understanding of the social, political, and cultural experiences of our respective communities.

APIE will provide policy makers, community leaders, and the public with insights and recommendations. We seek to find practical solutions, and promote equality, understanding, and mutual respect, in addition to exploring and promoting the voice of reason and compassion that Islam as a faith brings to the table of social debates in the contemporary world. We believe that a better understanding of Muslim communities in the UK and Europe is essential to building a more inclusive and harmonious society for all. 


Open, diverse, evidence based and compassionate community- research platform that enhances Muslim communities' representation in the process of social policy design and implementation in the UK and Europe.


APIE seeks to enhance policy makers' understanding of the realities and aspirations of Muslim communities, fostering Muslims' civic engagement, and shaping public policies


Developing an effective community-based research and discussion activities, serving the growing Muslim populations in Europe, with a specific focus on the UK and engaging Muslims about their future and that of their diverse societies.

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