Don’t rush through arms treaty: India

With a view that it was premature to work on a comprehensive legally-binding arms trade treaty,

India today said it should not be rushed through and maintained that it was prepared to be engaged for a consensus-based process and outcome.
‘A number of delegations, including India, felt that the draft text needs further work and a treaty of this kind, which would be legally-binding when in force, should not be rushed through,’ the official spokesperson in the Ministry of External Affairs said.
He was responding to a querry on India’s position on recently-held UN conference to negotiate an arms trade treaty (ATT) which failed to adopt an agreed text.
It is important to bring all stakeholders on board in a manner that promotes the prospects of a treaty that is practical and implementable and is able to attract universal adherence, he said.
Noting that the diplomatic conference at the UN between July 2 to 27 to negotiate an ATT made ‘considerable progress’ the spokesperson said, but it was not possible for the conference to adopt an agreed text, PTI news agency reported.
India believes that ATT should make a real impact on preventing illicit trafficking in conventional arms and their diversion to terrorists and other non-state actors.
‘The treaty should establish a balance of obligations of exporting and importing states and ensure that national implementation and domestic jurisdiction are fully respected. From India’s point of view, we are prepared to engage in further work in a consensus-based process and outcome,’ the spokesperson said.

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