Special seminar: Is AI a threat to faith?

What is the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on humanity? Should we be afraid of being replaced? It brings great benefits but what are the real risks?

AI raises so many questions, maybe especially for believers who have the belief in a divine spark in every human being. Yet AI is powered by an electrical spark. Join this very timely dialogue to consider ethics, humanity, freedom, spirituality. It’s time to ask what it means to be free and contemplate Frankenstein’s legacy.  

Session 1: 10.00 to 12.00  

‘I am not a robot.’ – How do we maintain human freedom and agency?  

· Dr Eve Poole OBE  

Interim Chief Executive Officer, Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland  

· Revd Dr Nadim Nassar  

Executive Director, Awareness Foundation  

Dr Ali Paya 

Academic, Professor and author 


Session 2: 12.00 to 14.00  

How does AI fit into human evolution?  

· Revd Dr Tim Bull,  

Director of Vocations, St Albans Diocese  

Dr Frantisek Stech  

Charles University, Protestant Theological Faculty 

Dr Amina Inloes  

Islamic College, Willesden  


Session 3:14.00 to 16.00  

The Turing Test – Has AI passed the test and what does that mean?  

Marius Dorobantu  

research associate and lecturer at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam  

Dr Imran Panjwani 

Lecturer in Law at Anglia Ruskin University 

Dr Laith Kubba 

(Founder of Quran Education Foundation) 

Meeting ID: 899 2249 4305 | Password: 123456

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