Araghchi: Iran skeptical of US intention in Afghan peace process

Araghchi: Iran skeptical of US intention in Afghan peace process

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Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Abbas Araghchi said on Sunday that the US’ intentions in the Afghan peace process are doubtful.
In a television interview with Afghanistan’s Tolonews, he said that Tehran is not opposed to peace in Afghanistan, but that what the US is doing with the Taliban is a deal with the group.
Araghchi stressed that the peace process in Afghanistan should be addressed through dialogue between Afghans, but that there are various factors that discourage Iran from the US peace plan with the Taliban.
“We believe that the US should not be trusted and that the US presence in the region is dangerous and will cause a lot of discord in the region,” he said.
In the absence of the Afghan government, the US formally negotiated with the Taliban and made a deal about the future of Afghanistan, Araghchi said.
The US entered in to a deal with the Taliban and legitimized the group and held talks with them in the absence of the Afghan government, Araghchi said, noting that the US which considered itself a supporter of Afghan government signed peace deal without it.
Commenting on Iran’s relations with Taliban, the diplomat said that after the Americans began negotiations with it and other countries established ties with it, Iran also had contacts with the Taliban.
Iran’s relationship with the Taliban is only to hear the group’s views and express Iran’s position, or else Iran only recognizes the Afghan government and Constitution, he said.
Rejecting the claim that Iran funds the Taliban, he said that there is no reason for Iran to do that.
That’s for 40 years that Iran has ties with Afghanistan, as it has hosted millions of Afghan migrants and supports the country’s government and Constitution, Araghchi said.
Regarding the Fatimid forces in Syria, Araghchi praised the performance of these fighters because they fought voluntarily to save the region and Afghanistan. The Fatimids are sacrificers who have offered their blood for the security of Afghanistan and the security of the region and are commendable.


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