Foreign Ministry marks Palestine Land Day, honoring liberation movement from Israeli occupation

Foreign Ministry marks Palestine Land Day, honoring liberation movement from Israeli occupation

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Iran’s Foreign Ministry on Monday released a statement on the occasion of the Land Day of Palestine, honoring Palestinian people’s liberation movement from Israeli occupation.

According to Foreign Ministry’s Information and Press Department, the statement said that in the culture and history of the Palestinian people’s campaign, March 30 marks Land Day of Palestine which is reminiscent of Palestinians’ protest and resistance to the Zionist occupiers.

It said that after the occupation of the Palestinian territories, the Israeli occupiers seized and confiscated the lands of the original inhabitants of Palestine and accommodated immigrant Zionists to their place.

The day is considered a turning point in the Palestinian people’s fight and resistance to the occupying regime, and it is an integral part of the oppressed Palestinians’ political life which has been formed due to protest to hostility, racial discrimination, destruction of villages and forced displacement of the Palestinians.

Censuring the “crimes against humanity” Israel commits against Palestinians and US fanatic and illegal plan of ‘Deal of Century’, the statement said that lasting and fair peace will be established in the region only in the wake of resistance until full removal of occupation on Palestine, repatriation of all refugees, determining future ruling system of the land based on referendum involving all its original inhabitants ad eventually establishment of an integrated government with Quds as its capital.

Referring to spread of coronavirus in Palestine, the statement stressed the need for urgent release of Palestinians prisoners, end Gaza Siege and send humanitarian and hygienic aid to the occupied Palestine, urging all international organizations and forums to fulfill their humanitarian obligations to the Palestinian people and prevent continuation of the systematic ethnic cleansing by the Zionist regime enforcing apartheid rule in the occupied lands.











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