Three more humanitarian workers killed in Syria, with civilian death toll ‘rising every day’

Three more humanitarian workers killed in Syria, with civilian death toll ‘rising every day’

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The civilian death toll is rising every day as the fighting continues in Idlib and northern Hama, said Mark Cutts, Deputy Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the Syria Crisis, adding that more than 500 civilian deaths have been documented by the UN over the past three and a half month period alone.

An attack in the south of Syria’s restive Idlib province that led to the deaths of a paramedic, an ambulance driver and a rescue worker, were added to the grim total on Thursday of more than 500 documented civilian fatalities.

Most of these deaths were a result of the relentless campaign of airstrikes by the Syrian Government and its allies, Cutts said in a statement on the attack in Ma’aret Humeh that killed two humanitarian workers and one rescue worker.

“Yesterday a series of airstrikes in the Ma’arat Humeh area in southern Idleb resulted in the death of two more of our humanitarian colleagues, a paramedic and an ambulance driver”, he elaborated. “Their ambulance was totally destroyed and a rescue worker was also killed”.

Wednesday’s attack highlights again the horror of what’s going on in Idleb – the last rebel-controlled part of Syria – and northern Hama, said Cutts, where three million civilians remain trapped by the fighting, with nowhere else to flee to, and where humanitarians, medical staff and rescue workers continue to pay with their lives in their efforts to help others.

Since the end of April, there have been at least 42 attacks on healthcare reported, affecting 36 health facilities and seven ambulances. Of these incidents, 11 were in Hama Governorate, 28 in Idlib and three in Aleppo Governorate. In total at least 17 health workers and patients have been killed.


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