Congratulations on Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birthday anniversary

Congratulations on Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birthday anniversary

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Muslims around the world today,

The 17th of the lunar month of Rabiulaval, are celebrating the anniversary of the birth of the holy prophet of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him and His Progeny).

Also known as Mawlid An-Nabi (Birth of the Prophet), falls on the 12th day of the 3rd month of the Islamic calendar Rabi’ al-awwal for Sunnis , and on the 17th day of the same month for Shias.

Festivities around the Prophet’s birth (born in 570 CE) range with each different culture, but tend to share common themes, such as public processions, national holidays (for some countries), special political addresses (in Muslim countries) or religious sermons focusing on the characteristics of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as a model for Muslim behavior, charitable activities, display of relics, community prayers, and other local celebrations.

The worldwide panorama of activities is as grand as the cultures spanned, from China to Pakistan, Morocco to Malaysia, and is a tribute to the balance of diversity and unity around the Muslim world.

Here is a look at how 10 countries are celebrating The Birthday Heard Around the World.

1) Algeria: Fireworks displays outside, and massive gatherings in Mosques and other public centers on the inside show the pervasiveness of the festival in Algeria.

2) Morocco: A religious gathering to mark the day in Morocco

3) Pakistan: Milad an-Nabi: The national flag is hoisted on all public buildings, and a 31 gun salute in the federal capital and a 21 gun salute at the provincial headquarters are fired at dawn. Here’s a procession from a previous year.

4) Malaysia: Maulud Nabi – Marked by processions and special gatherings all over the country.

5) Brunei: A lit up scene in Brunei from a previous Mawlid. And a photo still of the Sultan of Brunei today, addressing his kingdom today to mark the occasion and make a call for sincerity in his people, saying: Sincerity is the panacea or cure for all defects, particularly at the fields of work and employment. If one is truly sincere, then one should be clean from any bad characteristic such as greed, envy, untrustworthiness, corrupt and the likes. This is why sincerity is important. I hope, in our joy to celebrate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W., all rakyat and residents, irrespective of status and position, would embrace sincerity in life so that we will become a truly blessed nation.

6) Egypt: In Egypt as in other Muslim countries, Moulids or Mawlids are also celebrated on the birthdays of Sufi saints. Celebrations are extensive and take much preparation, as shown by this man working on a candy installation of dolls and horses, like many that will be made across Egypt

7) India: Barawafat – Processional float in a procession in India bearing Muhammad’s name from Flikr

8) Iran: Zadruz-e Payambar-e Akram – The birth of the great prophet is celebrated in a weeklong festival from the 12th-17th of the Islamic month, a period sometimes referred to as Unity Week.  

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