Hardline Jews plot to burst into Al-Aqsa mosque to partition it — chief judge

The Palestinian chief justice on Saturday called on Palestinians to group in front of the holy mosque Al-Aqsa on Sunday to repel an expected bid by Jewish hardliners to storm it.

Sheikh Tayseer Al-Tamimi, in a statement, urged the Palestinians who have access to the mosque location to show up there, tomorrow, to foil a plan by the Jewish extremists to burst into its courtyard.
Leaders of radical Jewish groups and rabbis held meetings at several settlements, urging Jews to march to the mosque and break into it on Sunday, he said.
They plan to hold a marathon sit-in in the courtyard of the mosque as part of a plot to partition it, in reminiscence to the plot that had been carried out at Al-Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron in the past, Sheikh Al-Tamimi warned.
The Jews have built more than 100 synagogues around the holy mosque, in addition to public parks and take-over of many real-estates, said the senior cleric, also indicating at ongoing digging and construction work under the mosque.
Sheikh Tamimi noted that the renewed threats against the holy mosque coincided with the ninth anniversary of storming it by the dying former premier, Ariel Sharon, who had burst into its yard, accompanied by scores of armed policemen and personnel.
Sharon, whose act touched off a popular uprising in 2000, has been in a vegetative state since falling seriously ill in July 2007.
Hardline Jews have been involved in suspicious construction works close to the main foundations of the mosque at a pretext of searching for an ancient sacred temple.
Both Al-Aqsa and Jerusalem are sacred for billions of Muslims throughout the world. The sacred site had been the first prayers mecca for the Muslims.

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